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Engineering Design and Construction Services

Our services

BEEREE provides professional consulting, engineering, and design services for industrial ventilation systems, dust control systems, and vapor control systems to help protect workers’ health, minimize safety risks, and reduce environmental emissions.


Our expert knowledge in industrial ventilation and environment, health and safety and extensive “real- world” experience in the industry with our unique systematic VIDATM approach allows us to define your needs and to develop ventilation control solutions that are effective, efficient, and economical.


We offer the following industrial ventilation consulting services:

• Concept Design Services for New and Existing Industrial Ventilation Systems  

• Needs Analysis and Success Criteria Development

• Comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety Review

• Containment Design and Ergonomic Assessment

• Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment

• Process and Materials Chemical and Physical Properties Review 8 

• Site Visit and Field Surveys and Inspections

• Codes, Regulations, and Standards Review

• Energy Saving Opportunities Analysis

• Operating, Maintenance, and Performance Testing Consideration 

• Engineering Drawings

• Cost Estimation

• Ventilation System and Laboratory Hood Testing & Surveys

• Fume Hood Testing and Tracer Gas Testing Services (ASHRAE 110)

• Ventilation Systems Commissioning and Acceptance Testing Services

• Industrial Ventilation Systems Inspection, Troubleshooting & Assessment

• Energy Saving Opportunities Analysis

• Commercial and Industrial Ventilation Project Management Services

• Ventilation Training Services for Operations and Maintenance