Why choose BEEREE?
Professional, authoritative and international service
  • ​BEEREE is one of the first choices for EHS projects of the world's top 500 companies (e.g. PetroChina, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Apple, Volvo, Intel, Unilever, etc.);
  • ​BEEREE provides occupational/environmental health and safety consulting, training and engineering services to more than 40 countries or regions around the world, and is the first company in China to provide CIH&CSP training;
  • ​BEEREE goes international, with students all over the world (such as the United States, Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan and South Korea, etc.)
Expert lecturers at home and abroad
  • BEEREE experts have multi-country work experience, working in various fields for 20-50 years;
  • BEEREE experts are proficient in EHS regulations, technology, management at home and abroad, familiar with the official recommended books of CIH & CSP, and can refine knowledge points;
  • Experts have many years of training experience and can maintain high-density output. At the same time, combined with work experience, they vividly explain the course and explain the profound things in simple language, which is convenient for students to absorb, master and apply knowledge.
Top-notch courses and pass rates
  • BEEREE's curriculum concept is "applying what you have learned", to be a knowledge disseminator, experience sharer, and career guide in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • BEEREE textbooks continue to innovate. In 2020, 40% of textbooks will be adjusted and updated, cases, exercises and analysis will be optimized by 30%-40%, and learning efficiency is expected to increase by 40%;
  • Free choice of online/offline courses, flexible time;
  • In 2008, BEEREE took the lead in exclusively launching CIH & CSP training. The average pass rate of BEEREE students is 85% for CIH and 100% for CSP. Most of the certified personnel in China are BEEREE students.
Expert guidance around the clock
  • BEEREE experts answer questions online 24 hours a day all year round, and review courses online in real time;
  • BEEREE formulates learning tasks according to the course every week, and progresses step by step to help you get rid of procrastination and achieve the ultimate goal;
  • A special person will follow up the progress of the class, comment on the homework, and grant the students points;
  • High-quality teachers and classmates accompany students, share exams and work experience.
Good news for the examination
  • Jack passed CSP on December 29, 2021, congratulations!           November 2021 Zhi Wan passed CIH, congratulations!           November 2021 Mussa passed CIH, congratulations!           November 18, 2021 Ethan via CIH, congratulations!            November 18, 2021 Takiuui via CIH, congratulations!            November 15, 2021 Anita passed CIH, congratulations!            November 15, 2021 Norman via CIH, congratulations!            November 12, 2021 Brian via CIH, congratulations!            November 11, 2021 Yinlong passed CIH, congratulations!            November 11, 2021 Yau** passed CIH, congratulations!            November 9, 2021 Jane passed CIH, congratulations!            November 8, 2021 Su* via CIH, congratulations!                November 8, 2021 Dong** passed CIH, congratulations!         Ken passed CSP on November 5, 2021, congratulations!                 November 5, 2021 Zude He passed CIH, congratulations!        November 5, 2021 Heming Xiang passed CIH, congratulations!         November 4, 2021 Kai Zheng via CIH, congratulations!        October 22, 2021 Zhang* via CIH, congratulations!         September 28, 2021 Zhang* passed CSP, congratulations!         August 14, 2021 Ran passed CSP, congratulations!         July 12, 2021 John passed CSP, congratulations!         Retold passed CSP on June 7, 2021, congratulations!         May 27, 2021 Yuebin passed CSP, congratulations!         May 27, 2021 Will via CIH, congratulations!         May 27, 2021 Sam via CIH, congratulations!         May 21, 2021 Lewis via CIH, congratulations!         April 12, 2021 Rocky passed CSP, congratulations!         April 10, 2021 AnGie via CIH, congratulations!         April 2, 2021 Alex passed CSP, congratulations!         March 11, 2021 Rebecca passed CSP, congratulations!         April 7, 2022 Simon Liu via CIH, congratulations!         April 26, 2022 Edison Fan via CIH, congratulations!         May 4, 2022 AnGie passed CSP, congratulations!         May 5, 2022 Xiaoyi Tang via CIH, congratulations!        June 2, 2022 Yanyan Liu via CIH, congratulations!          June 2, 2022 Lin Xie passed CIH, congratulations!          June 2, 2022 Ivy Sun via CIH, congratulations!          June 2, 2022 Ruofei Du passed CIH, congratulations!          June 2, 2022 Min Wei passed CIH, congratulations!          June 2, 2022 Cho Wai Man via CIH, congratulations!          July 4, 2022 Zhenguo Lu passed CSP, congratulations!          July 15, 2022 Rechel Lv passed CSP, congratulations!          August 3, 2022 Simon Liu via CSP, congratulations!          Eric Yang passed the CSP on August 15, 2022. Congratulations!          In 2022, Jave Zhang passed the CSP, Congratulations!          Vic Lu passed CIH on October 26, 2022. Congratulations!          Simon Meng passed CIH on October 26, 2022. Congratulations!          Zejuan Yan passed CIH in 2022. Congratulations!          Kai Zheng passed the CSP on October 22, 2022. Congratulations!           Menglu Lin passed CIH on October 27, 2022. Congratulations!           Can Cao passed CIH on October 27, 2022. Congratulations!           Will Lin passed CSP on Jan. 19, 2023. Congratulations!           Edwin Ho passed CSP on Feb. 17, 2023. Congratulations!           Yongjian Chen passed CSP on Apr. 10, 2023. Congratulations!           Jennifer Zhou passed CIH on Apr. 25, 2023. Congratulations!           Will Yuen passed CIH on Apr. 26, 2023. Congratulations!           Irene Du passed CSP on Apr. 26, 2023. Congratulations!           Mak Tsk Ho passed CIH on May. 4, 2023. Congratulations!           Sahara Liu passed CIH on May. 5, 2023. Congratulations!           Oliver Meng passed CIH on May. 5, 2023. Congratulations!           Ruinan Sun passed CIH on May. 9, 2023. Congratulations!           Min Shao passed CIH on May. 11, 2023. Congratulations!           Yufei Zhang passed CIH on May. 29, 2023. Congratulations!           Edison Fan passed CSP on May. 31, 2023. Congratulations!           Chen Yu passed CIH on May. 31, 2023. Congratulations!           Jing Zhou passed CSP on Jun. 9, 2023. Congratulations!           Xiao Li passed CSP on Jun. 12, 2023. Congratulations!           Ye Lin passed CSP on Jun. 26, 2023. Congratulations!           Guoshan Yang passed CSP on Aug. 9, 2023. Congratulations!           Renee Gu passed CSP on Sep. 7, 2023. Congratulations!           Vic Lu passed CSP on Oct. 9, 2023. Congratulations!           Yinfeng Zhang passed CSP on Oct. 16, 2023. Congratulations!           Wei Xie passed CSP on Nov. 3, 2023. Congratulations!           Mia Ni passed CIH on Nov. 7, 2023. Congratulations!           Chunyan Huang passed CIH on Nov. 8, 2023. Congratulations!

Feedback from past students
In the past ten years, the vast majority of new CIHs and CSPs in the Asia-Pacific region are BEEREE students. Our cumulative pass rate for CIH is over 80%, and CSP is 100%. We have won the reputation of "customer-centric" and what we say. Customers' trust.
A famous university in Australia, Mr. Song, CIH & CSP

"After taking the BEEREE training course, I successfully passed the CIH & CSP exam. Because of these two certificates, I saved more than 30,000 RMB for my postgraduate study in the United States. Later, I immigrated to Australia because of these two certificates. Helped me find an EHS job in a university in Australia. So I am very grateful to BEEREE company for helping me... Enrolling in CIH/CSP training is an investment in yourself, don't simply classify it as consumption, because paying always It pays off."

"BEEREE teachers are very experienced, and some points that are difficult to understand become easy to understand after the teachers' explanation. Moreover, BEEREE training emphasizes the development of skills, and the teachers share many practical cases encountered in their work. , and guide us to solve problems with what we have learned. The deepest feeling that the training brings me is that I have learned the necessary skills and problem-solving methods, which is what I think is the most valuable."

Hansen Industrial Equipment, Mr. He, CIH

"After participating in the training, the most obvious feeling is that my confidence has greatly improved. Later, I did pass the exam smoothly, and also improved my professional skills. I was quickly promoted."

An International Theme Park Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen (CSP)

"I have participated in this kind of training organized by other companies before, and it was all self-study, and I didn't feel their role at all. The teaching materials have not been updated, the questions have many mistakes, and the questions I asked couldn't be answered. Later, I participated in David's training. Online training, at first glance, I have done CIH and CSP research, and they are very professional in all aspects. Now I am glad that I chose BEEREE in time, otherwise I will continue to be misled. Participating in BEEREE training requires only a small amount of time and energy. It’s worth it to gain a lot and get the guidance of experts!”

A German-owned multinational company, Ms. Chen (CIH)

"Before I was in the bottleneck period of my career, I was very anxious every day. Later, after I learned about the BEEREE training, I came to participate in the CIH training. Before I got the CIH certificate, I got the current company's offer, because the interviewer felt that My current course is quite systematic, which can be of great help to my future work. If I hadn't participated in the BEEREE training, I might not have been able to transfer to my current company."

A multinational company, Ms. Li, CIH

"My questions are always answered promptly and David is always quick to get to the point of my question and answer those questions based on theory and his practical experience."

A multinational company, Mr. Liu (CIH)

"If you have read the questions in different ways, I still recommend the BEEREE question bank. The BEEREE question bank is more difficult than the exam. If you can do the BEEREE question bank 100%, you can do at least 80% of the test questions in the test, and the passing score is 60%. "

Shell Oil Company, Ms Liu, CIH