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Ergonomics Consulting services


Ergonomic risk factors are prevalent in many industries and often result in work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) that damage employee health and reduce productivity. Our certified professional ergonomists (CPEs) and ergonomics specialists focus on helping customers identify and eliminate ergonomic risk factors in the workplace for manufacturing, logistics, financial services and service industries. We derive practical solutions by combining our extensive industry experience with in-depth integrated analysis of job task, process, materials, human factors and psychology. Our workplace assessment services range from high-level prioritization surveys to detailed workplace improvements supported by hazard analyses and cost justification data. 


Our Ergonomics Consulting Services include: 

• Ergonomic Program Development and Implementation

• WMSD Trend Analysis and Management

• Ergonomic Risk Assessments 

• Ergonomic Task Assessments 

• Task analysis and Problem Solving 

• Physical Demands Assessments 

• Ergonomic Workstation Design 

• Functional Capacities Assessments 

• Office Ergonomics 

• Lean Manufacturing and Modifications 

• Ergonomic Task Force Development 

• Ergonomics Training