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    Course Content:

    Face-to-face courses and case discussions

    Course materials, question bank and other materials

    Academic certification, registration guidance

    Free online courses

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    Course Content:

    Face-to-face courses and case discussions

    Course materials, question bank and other materials

    Academic certification, registration guidance

    Free online courses

    You probably already knew that BEEREE has first launched the CIH and CSP training program in China for a decade, and we are proud to see that the majority of the CIHs & CSPs in the greater China have attended our workshops.

    In the past 10 years, we have received many positive comments and some feedback for improving these workshops from our students, and the key message for the feedback is:

    Five-day or seven-day Workshop is highly intense, although the instruction quality is good, it is difficult to digest so much information in such a short period of time.


    Indeed, if students just attend the highly intense 5-day or the 7-day course, but without review after class, it is very difficult to retain all the knowledge covered in class, let alone to acquire skills in their applications. In fact, most students did not possess the knowledge before they came to the class and the majority of the course materials were new to them.

    Considering this unique situation, Beeree has totally redesigned the in-class workshop, and has launched a brand new online CIH & CSP Workshop, with the principle of learning knowledge online at your own pace and learning skills in the class. We believe this practice will greatly improve your learning efficiency and achieve much better results.

    We fully understand the challenges that many students are facing:

    First, I want to study it myself, but my English is not good. The list of recommended reference books is long, it appears to be a mission impossible to finish the reading and prepare for the exams, and I do not know where to start off.

    Second, few training courses are available on the market, the cost is high and the funds are not available. It is difficult to ask for a leave for 5-7 days to attend the training due to busy work.

    Third, for certain course providers, no continuing services are available after the training for questions such as degree evaluation, exam application, writing reference letters, and guidance on exam preparation.

    We are confident that our workshops will suit your needs the best if you want to obtain CIH or CSP certification with the following justifications:

    1、Very few instructors understand the weakness and strength and needs of Chinese students and have extensive work experience in both China and the US to learn the difference in the EHS practices, skills, and knowledge bases of EHS practitioners in China. Fortunately, Dr. Everett Langford, Ph.D., Dr. Neil Zimmerman, and Dr. David Lu had such experience and know what needs to be covered in the workshops and how to effectively deliver the training.

    2、After our online Workshop has been launched, it is no longer an excuse for prospective students concerned with training fees and conflicts of training schedules. We believe that the maximum cost of  learning is always your time, not money.

    3、CIH & CSP Workshops from other providers are available on the market, but unfortunately, limited services are offered.  We offer a cradle to grave service until you succeed, including training, continuing tutoring, assistance in degree evaluation, reference letters, skill development, and practices and applications of EHS knowledge.

    Choose BEEREE for the following reasons:

    1: Beeree offers you more than just a training, but also a chance to improve your skills and advance your career.

    If you think that CIH & CSP Workshop is only a 5-day or 12-week workshop, you significantly underestimate the importance of this workshop offered by BEEREE.

    Our four-step learning model is uniquely positioned us to help you maximize your learning efficiency:

    ①Attend online Workshop to acquire technical knowledge;

    ②Attend in-class Workshop for review and connections with applications, and case studies;

    ③Attend the study interest group activities on discussions, experience sharing on learning, challenges and problem solving;

    ④Participate in our consulting and engineering projects and apply knowledge gained in our classes.

    2: Systematic, comprehensive and practical course materials are designed for both exam preparation and practices.

    BEEREE Safety Technologies Co., Ltd has successfully conducted CIH and CSP comprehensive advanced-level EHS training programs and has trained numerous EHS professionals from the mainland of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong since 2008. We have received highly positive feedback from participants and approximately 90% of our students who have taken the tests have successfully passed either the CIH or the CSP or both exams.

    We believe this extremely high pass rate is a reflection of our commitment to help workshop attendees achieve a higher level of competence, by not only providing a high quality face-to-face learning experience, but a long-term follow-up of on-line classes and one-to-one assistance until the attendee is successful at passing the exam.

    3: We are not only your training facilitator, but also your learning partner.

    You may experience this: you spent a lot of money to attend training courses, but gave up all in the middle of the training program.

    By fostering a friendly and fun learning environment, we will be your learning partner, together with your class peers, to navigate through learning obstacles and help you overcome  challenges such as conflict of schedules and procrastination.

    •Our course director will design a weekly study plan for you and divide the objective into smaller but achievable ones.

    •Follow up on your progress regularly, and help you manage your time and overcome procrastination. 

    •Quick response to your questions, to reduce your frustration and time wasted in fruitless endeavors.

    4: Our course feedback looks like “too good to be true”:

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