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Occupational Hygiene services
Safety Services

One ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Our experienced certified industrial hygienists(CIHs) help you anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control occupational health risks in your workplaces, improving working conditions & working practices and preventing occupational diseases and preserving workers productivity.

With proven global experiences and local expertise, we develop practical, effective, cost-effective and implementable safety solutions and deliver breakthrough results in improving safety performance.

Design and construction services
Environmental services

Designing out or eliminating EHS hazards during the design stage is the most economical way to manage the risks and the best opportunity to explore opportunities of improving productivity and reducing costs.

We assist our clients in developing solutions in wastes management and wastes reduction, and making informed business decisions by providing valuable information regarding potential environmental liabilities.

Ergonomics Services
Our experienced certified professional Ergonomists assist you in preventing and reducing the risk of work-related MSDs, building up healthy workplaces along with improving the productivity and decreasing the work compensation cost.


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