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Occupational Hygiene Consulting Services


BEEREE’s experienced and certified occupational hygiene professionals offer comprehensive and integrated occupational consulting services and solutions to help clients achieve preeminence in occupational health management. We would like to be your partner in preventing occupational illnesses and minimizing the liabilities associated with exposures to chemical, biological and physical agents. 


It is not our intent to just collect samples and generate a report for maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and your corporate standards; we will use our professional eyes to observe field operations and work practices and to identify opportunities for improving work environment and minimizing health risks. All our reports will be written by certified industrial hygienists (CIHs), and field work will be conducted by either CIHs, or experienced degreed professionals under direction of CIHs. 


BEEREE’s occupational hygiene consulting services include: 

• Air Sampling 

• Thermal Stress Evaluation 

• Occupational Hygiene Program Development and Review

• Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Evaluations 

• Occupational Hygiene Program Audits 

• Personal Protective Equipment Evaluations 

• Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing 

• Qualitative Exposure Assessments 

• Indoor Environmental Quality Assessments for Chemicals and Bioaerosols 

• Noise Survey, Noise Dosimetry and Acoustic Analysis 

• Occupational Hygiene Support for Emergency Response 

• Occupational Hygiene Risk Management System Development 

• Toxicology and Risk Assessment 

• Epidemiological Studies

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