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Safety Consulting Services

Our services

One of the greatest desires for many companies is to achieve a zero injury and zero illness workplace, yet they struggle to find the solutions that initiate, build and sustain changes. With the use of leading proven adaptable and proactive approaches and practical techniques, BEEREE’s global safety experts can develop customized solutions and deliver breakthrough results by overcoming inefficient/insufficient safety leadership, and individual, cultural and organizational barriers to change. Our comprehensive safety consulting services can meet your needs from the shop-floor to the board-room. 

Our Safety Strategic Management Consulting Services include: 

 Safety Culture Assessment 

 Culture Transformation 

 Safety Leadership Development and Coaching 

 Safety Perception Surveys

 Safety Performance Rating and Evaluation 

 People/Behavior Based Safety (PBS/BBS) Implementation and  Enhancement 

 Creating a Zero Injury and Zero Illness Workplace


Our Process Safety Management Consulting Services include: 

 Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) 

 Pre-start-up Safety Reviews 

 Process Safety Review 

 PSM Program Management 

 PSM Program Management Assessments/Benchmarking 

 PSM Process Facilitation 

 PSM Auditing 

 Disaster/Crisis Mitigation Management 


Our Safety Management Consulting Services include: 

 Safety Program Development and Review 

 Job Safety Analysis (JSA) 

 Safety Audits and Inspections 

 Construction Safety 

 Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

 Safety Information Management System 


Our Emergency Response Services include: 

• Emergency Response Program Development

 Emergency Response Program Review 

 Personal Protective Equipment Review 

 Air Monitoring Support 

 Emergency Response Plan Development