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【Registration open】CIH & CSP online Workshop starts on July 21st, 2023
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One-third of the progress bar in 2023 has quietly passed. Has the flag you set at the beginning of the year come true? ?

Beeree's second online CIH & CSP course in 2023 will start as scheduled on April 14. There are domestic pharmaceutical companies, private companies, state-owned companies, state-owned companies and foreign companies EHS professionals, some of whom have worked overseas for many years, and well-known universities in Hong Kong Or the security personnel of the enterprise; some have worked in this industry for 20+ years, and some have graduated from post-95 soon, etc. Many students in this issue have already devoted themselves to intensive study.


If you want to complete a challenge in the second half of the year, achieve self-improvement and breakthrough at the level of professional skills, and easily win the offer of your favorite company at the end of the year or next year's recruitment season of gold, silver and silver, then come to BEEREE's CIH & CSP online camp.

Helping with international professional certificates, systematically improving professional hard skills, learning professional English, meeting high-quality peers... Believe me, 6 months of persistence will bring you far more than these.

It's the CIH spring exam season. Many students will take the exam after the online camp training last year, and many students have made an appointment for the CSP exam. Xiaorui wishes everyone a smooth exam!

Online Workshop information

Opening time

The class started on April 14th, and the next class will start on July 21st

Duration of the online camp

12-week course service period + 12-week independent review

Online Camp Course Format

Recorded video + live lecture + weekly homework + WeChat group Q&A/class meeting + pre-exam intensive lecture

Online Camp Fee

CIH or CSP, the original price is 10,800 yuan, and the early bird price is 9,800 yuan

CIH & CSP, original price 15,800 yuan, early bird price 14,800 yuan

Early bird discount ends July 7

Curse material

Recorded video (taught in English, with Chinese and English subtitles)

Self-edited paper textbooks (supporting video, all in English, 1000+ pages)

Self-made paper-based question bank (selected 200 pages)

Weekly online homework (400+ questions) + pre-examination mock test paper examination formula analysis

White Paper (intensive lecture on the formulas used in the exam)

Online Camp Course Arrangement

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