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The next CIH&CSP online camp will start on April 12th
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(2023 BEEREE Transcript))

2023 has been a fruitful year, and every time I see students reporting good news to us, I sincerely applaud and be happy for them. In 2024, a new round of online camp learning is about to start, and registration is already in progress. For those who have not yet made an appointment to register, you can contact Xiao Rui for further information.

Online Camp Course Information

Opening time

The course started on January 12th, and the next session will start on April 12th, 2024

Duration of the online camp

12-week course service period + 12-week independent review

Online Camp Course Format

Recorded video + live lecture + weekly homework + WeChat group Q&A/class meeting + pre-exam intensive lecture

Online Camp Fee

CIH or CSP, original price 10800 yuan, early bird price 9800 yuan

CIH&CSP, original price 15800 yuan, early bird price 14800 yuan

Early bird price discount until March 29th

Curse material
  • Recorded video (taught in English, with Chinese and English subtitles)

  • Self-edited paper textbooks (supporting video, all in English, 1000+ pages)

  • Self-made paper-based question bank (selected 200 pages)

  • Weekly online homework (400+ questions) + pre-examination mock test paper examination formula analysis

  • White Paper (intensive lecture on the formulas used in the exam)

Online Camp Course Arrangement

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