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【 Enrollment 】 The next CIH&CSP online camp will start on July 19th
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As of mid-2024, Xiaorui would like to report to you on the course situation of Beeree in the first half of the year:

At present, two CIH&CSP online courses have been launched, with students from all over the country, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, and other regions registering and fighting on the front line of exam preparation.

At the beginning of each camp session, Beeree builds a group and assigns certified teachers and homeroom teachers to urge the submission of assignments. Students can discuss difficult problems, explain knowledge points, and share registration progress together in the group. In January, some students in the camp have successfully passed the exam and obtained evidence. On the evening of May 15th at 20:00, the evidence collecting students shared their exam preparation experience within Beere. They were full of knowledge and gained a lot, which encouraged future exam students to clarify the difficulty and details of the exam process.

The next online camp will start on July 19th. For those who plan to take the exam in the second half of this year or the spring of 2025, please contact Xiaorui to register. There are still 2 months left until the CIH autumn registration deadline, so don't miss the registration time.

Beeree has prepared a very detailed registration guide for the registered students, as well as sharing the preparation experience of previous students. There is a lot of content, come and register now!

Online Camp Course Information

Online course opening time
The course started on April 12th and the next session will start on July 19th, 2024

Course duration
12 week course service period+12 weeks of independent review

Online course format
Video recording+live teaching+weekly homework+WeChat group Q&A/class meeting+pre exam lecture

Online course fees

CIH or CSP, original price 10800 yuan, early bird price 9800 yuan

CIH&CSP, original price 15800 yuan, early bird price 14800 yuan

Early bird price discount until July 5th

Course materials

○ Recorded video (taught in English with Chinese English subtitles)

○ Self written paper textbooks (with video matching, all in English, 1000+pages)

○ Self written paper question bank (selected 200 pages)

○ Weekly online assignments (400+questions)+analysis of exam formulas for pre exam mock papers

○ White paper (elaborating on the formulas used in exams)

Online Camp Course Arrangement

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