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EHS Webinars:Laboratory Safety and Risk Management: Case Sharing
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EHS Webinars

A group of leading EHS practitioners in the region, they all hold the US certified industrial hygienist (CIH) / US certified safety professional (CSP), they are working for multinational corporations and domestic industry leaders, have enriched EHS management experience,  and are proficiency in domestic and international EHS regulations, standards, and best practices. Many people have extensive overseas project or work experience. These elite professionals will share their experiences and perspectives in our EHS Webinars.  Excellent opportunities to share and learn, come and join us!

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EHS Webinar

Laboratory Safety and Risk Management: Case Sharing

EHS Webinar
Date and Time

July 4th at 20:00(1 hour presentation + 30 minutes Q&A)

EHS Webinar


Mr. Terry LEUNG is a compliance manager (laboratory safety) at the City University of Hong Kong who is responsible for ensuring safety compliance matters at the university. He has the credentials of certified industrial hygienist (CIH), certified safety professional (CSP), and Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH). Mr. LEUNG has extensive experience working in tertiary education and has strong experience in the public sector in enforcement and prosecution. He is now focusing on fostering a safety culture and applying a laboratory safety management system at the university.


This talk is about setting up a laboratory safety management system in an environment that involves multi-disciplinary research projects or even some new fields in technology and innovation. It includes how a safety professional shows his/her expertise in planning, implementing, enforcing, and assessing a laboratory safety management system in a university, how the problems that occur from the daily laboratory activities can help to create an effective preventive measure, and the challenges faced by the university in the existing laws.

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